1. O’Neill Munich City


    Very proud to be part of this project with Sepalot, with whose music i grew up with and Christian - C100 - Hundertmark. Also thanks to O’Neill for having me.



  2. On the rocks


  3. This is one of my favorite sequences. It’s a nice fins-free reo but mostly the light and the landscape makes me want to go somewhere tropical. 


  4. Today is Perfect - Munich


    O’Neill is in progress of making a mood-clip around the lives of their munich ambassadors Christian Hundertmark (art), Sepalot (music) and me. There will be eisbach surfing and other cool stuff filmed with a drone. This making-of-picture is from when we were filming in my attic. Video will be released in june. 


  5. happy easter!!


  6. Indonesia Feb ‘14.


  7. Magical Island. Azores Dec 2013.


  8. Sumbawa. PT Surfboards made me a step-up 6`4“, the first board over 6 feet i ever owned, so i was very excited to get to test it already on the first day at Lakeys. Wave‘s have been peeling perfectly the whole day and i was reassured, that this was the place, it wanted to come back to. The lip fell down just on me and snapped my board after the last picture, but after a couple days at dr.ding‘s, the board is good to go again.


  9. Azores Dez ‘13. The swell was almost too big for Populo with most sets closing out. Benny and I tried our luck and got rewarded with the first sunlight in days. Photos by Jan Rothkranz


  10. Senegal Dez ‘12

    What a country. Shots are not killer but fun. by Jan Rothkranz